How to win against fatigue?

Aleksandra Miler

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How to win against fatigue?



Fatigue is the first symptom of a weakened body. It is influenced by many elements.


These include:

firstly, the stress we experience in various areas of life. Secondly, an inadequate diet that contains little of the vitamins needed for the body and mind to function properly. Another - probably the most important - is insufficient sleep. An adult should sleep within eight hours a day.

What are the symptoms of fatigue?

Fatigue manifests itself in various ways: we often indulge in daytime naps, we are distracted, we are unable to concentrate. Physical and mental exhaustion are not only internal manifestations. Its mark is also reflected on our face. The complexion becomes grey. Eyes redden, eyelids swollen - just like immediately after waking up. Each of these signs can occur separately as well as together.

Change to a healthy lifestyle

Fatigue can be offset by changing unhealthy habits. Firstly, providing the body with an adequate amount of sleep. Secondly, it is recommended to take the right amount of vitamins and trace elements. among others: provitamin A (beta carotene), iron. Provitamin A, found in dried apricots, influences the regeneration of the epidermis and is responsible for the renewal of collagen fibres (delaying the ageing process).

Iron influences the growth process, increases the body's resistance and prevents fatigue. Thirdly, refresh the complexion externally by using oxygenating creams and masks.