Herpes labialis - the hidden enemy

Anna Pyka

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Herpes labialis - the hidden enemy



It starts inconspicuously - itching, burning and tingling. After a few days, it can make you not want to leave the house. Herpes labialis is a hidden enemy. Few people know they carry it in their blood.


How does it start?

It is caused by the HSV-1 virus and can be contracted through touch: either directly to the affected area or to an object used by the affected person.

People who have already faced herpes labialis once are particularly vulnerable. However, if you have never been ill, you also need to be careful. The first symptoms are a burning and tingling sensation around the mouth, sometimes accompanied by a troublesome itching.

It is best to react already at this point by applying a suitable preparation. This gives you the chance of less development of the ailment.

What awaits us...

The first blisters appear suddenly and are barely visible. However, a strong development takes place and after just a few hours the lesions enlarge considerably. They often extend beyond the lip area, also affecting the mouth area, sometimes the nasal area. The infected area becomes very sensitive and often painful. In the first few days, herpes is particularly contagious. We must therefore be particularly careful. Not only can we infect others, but we can also transmit it to other places on our body.

Doctors are particularly sensitised to protect the eyes and genitals. So, unless necessary, touch the affected area as little as possible and wash your hands as often as possible.