How to minimise the formation of dandruff and oily hair

Daria Lipowska

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How to minimise the formation of dandruff and oily hair


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Nowadays, many people have problems with dandruff or oily hair. The source can be our health, the environmental conditions as well as the cosmetics we use.


In order to combat the symptoms, mostly pharmacological methods and medical consultations are used, but also home remedies can reduce the occurrence of dandruff and fatty hair. Seborrhoea is characterised by increased sebum secretion in the seborrhoeic areas, which becomes apparent by shiny skin in these areas.

Predisposing factors for this condition can be: an inborn individual susceptibility and hormonal disorders as well as nervous system disorders - stress. Home remedies for greasy hair include, for example, washing already greasy hair (even, if necessary, daily) in lukewarm water, as hot water increases the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Herbal shampoos containing citrus, beer or black turnip extracts are suitable for this activity. It is best to choose conditioners that are rinse-off and do not contain oils. Oils weigh hair down, making it dull and ineffective. However, remember to rub them only into the hair, not the skin.

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Oily hair is more likely to be treated pharmacologically, but a diet low in fats and carbohydrates and rich in proteins and vitamins also has a great influence on the condition of hair. It is important to practise a hygienic lifestyle. In summer, sunbathing, and in winter, if possible, using a quartz lamp. Staying outdoors is also advisable.